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Experience confidence with every cut at Mature Image Barbershop!

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Founded in 2015, Mature Image Barbershop is the place for all types and styles of hair. Founder/ Owner Dave Dorgelus decided to start his business endeavor in Venice, FL for the first 18 months of the business he worked alone with the goal of creating a solid household name around town, before he began to hire other barbers. What started as an idea, quickly became a reality with the support of a great community of people in Venice, FL. Mature Image quickly became THE place to be. Professionalism, customer service and a great energy is the environment that we strive to bring you day in and day out. Thank you for trusting our team of talented barbers to provide you with style and service that you can trust.

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Mature Image is committed to a standard that raises the bar for Barbershops. We take pride in every aspect of the craft that our customers have come to know and appreciate. If you feel you have the motivation and determination to help us grow in our community, please click the link to submit your information. 


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